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This website is for the traffic management personnel who work in the industry. You can use this site to improve your safety on the carriageway.

 Many Thanks to the following companies for there support and sponsorship.

logo_1397391296_logoAdolf Nissen Elektrobau, founded in 1914, is located in Tönning, Germany. After successful years in the field of agriculture, the age of traffic warning equipment began in the mid-1950s with the development of a traffic warning lamp, followed by Nissen’s first corresponding patent application in 1956.
Since 1956, Nissen built up a worldwide reputation by continuous research and development of high quality and innovative products for road safety. The company has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of road safety products in Europe with subsidiaries in Benelux, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom. Recently, Nissen Nordic has been formed to service Scandinavian & CIS countries and North America.
Reasons for such success are continuous innovation and high quality of products which of course correspond with national and international standards.
Among many professional organisations, Nissen UK is a member of ARTSM (Association for Road Traffic Safety and Management) and REMA (Retro reflective Equipment Manufacturers Association).

For all your labour supplies

For all your labour supplies

Aspiring to be the number 1 Traffic Management Labour Supplier in the UK.Traffic Labour Supplies Ltd. can supply a varied range of specialist labour to meet any traffic management specialist. Whether you require motorway maintenance workers or event management, we have the turn key solution to your planning of specialist labour. At Traffic Labour Supplies Ltd., our company’s core values include honesty, to excel in gaining respect from our employees, teamwork and a commitment to building long term relationships with our customers. We strive to provide a reliable, affordable service that is second to none. We look forward to building an excellent relationship with you.


The #1 website for highways news, jobs and training. Keep up-to-date with the latest developments and health & safety alerts

uts-link-bar22Since 2009 Up to Speed Training & Assessment Ltd has successfully focused on providing businesses and individual’s training, assessments, consultancy and design services to meet the requirements specific to their work.
Training is not another service provided by Up to Speed, it is the only service provided by Up to Speed, which allows us to ensure we focus solely on ensuring we deliver quality consistently. Up to Speed Training & Assessment Ltd are quality assured to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 for the provision of training, assessment and consultancy to industry.


KDO Software know what you want for your business: you have your own needs and goals, and you want them met without your software getting in your way. Our software is custom-built to work within your business structures, helping you save money, increase profitability and give your customers the service they expect.

KDO Software will help you take control of your business.  We aim to give our customers competitive edge using innovative solutions to reduce manual effort and maximise productivity.  No two solutions have to be the same, we can tailor them specifically to your business needs or you can use one of our tried and tested package solutions.

West Midlands SuppliesAt WMS we are always trying to find worthwhile organisations to support that can help improve the industries that we work with and supply. Therefore when an opportunity arose to work with Help Me Get Home we jumped at the chance. HMGH are an organisation that provides a platform for the traffic management personnel who work within the industry to discuss and debate working matters. The platform is there for use to improve the personnel’s safety on the carriageway and to ensure they do make it home safely after every shift. Along side the stickers HMGH have partnered up with WMS to provide logoed TM vests in order to boost awareness for the cause. WMS can logo up our high quality workwear for you or if you bring your current workwear in to our store in Birmingham we can logo it up while you wait. For every garment that is provided in support of HMGH we at WMS will make a donation to the cause. So contact us and place your HMGH order to ensure this organisation can continue to do work for the industries workers!

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