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Who Care’s

Help Me Get Home (your safety campaign) is coming up to its first anniversary. What has it achieved?

cropped-ff69f-logo2b1.jpgWell apart from me spending a lot of my time promoting your safety campaign and investing over £2000 of my own money, NOTHING.

When I started the campaign, everyone wanted to be a part of it, people were saying great idea, just what the industry needs. A one stop safety shop where we could all share best practices and keep more people safe throughout the industry.

So I started the campaign, got a website, got a blog started and brought some merchandise, Mug, Pens, Car Stickers, wrist bands and some business cards with all the campaign details. The first few months were very good, people signing up to the Facebook group, reading the LinkedIn post and following the campaign on Twitter.

I went to trade shows, safety summits for the safety of Road Workers promoting your safety campaign. WHY?

Because no one cares about the safety of road workers. Not even the people who work on the carriageways, the people I met at the trade shows, the managers of big companies who showed willing but haven’t bothered.

We all go on Facebook, all I see is operative’s slagging off other operatives, taking photos of poor TM, taking videos of poor TM. What’s worse using a phone while driving to take the photo or video, or knowing its wrong and not informing the TM Company that’s it’s not quite right. What was the old slogan?HMGH-box-ad

“Don’t Walk By”

Two weeks ago, I emailed 192 people about getting involved with Help Me Get Home, all the people are in the industry, some are Directors at large companies, who could make a difference and get the company to support the campaign, and all I got was one reply saying, I’m already in mate. Really, in what? I have had no response about safety, no safety alerts and no ideas, so what are you in.

 So to all you people who say they care about safety on the carriageway, take a good look at yourself, do you really care?

So let’s take a look. I know several people who work at major players with in our industry, who all said they would help, well I’m still waiting for the help.

At this point I would like to thank Mr Steve Bennett who owns TLS Ltd, for he is the only person who has put his money where his mouth is. He made a very generous donation to Highways Industry.Com, so they could publish four articles about the campaign, Thanks Steve.

So I am looking for someone or a company to help me push the campaign to the next level. Because I actually believe in your safety so you can get home to your love ones.




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Road Workers Safety Summit 2015


On Wednesday 21st October I travelled to the NEC in Birmingham. I didn’t know what to expect as this was the first summit. I arrived at 09:00 for a coffee and a bit of networking. I saw a few friendly faces which help breaks the ice at these sort of meetings.

The opening address, was meant to be by the transport minster, but unfortunately he couldn’t make it through having a busy diary, I thought nice to feel wanted another let down for road workers. The opening address, started about the changes in CDM 2015, Its all about openness and what was described as the three C’s.




Wow, I thought that’s exactly what’s our campaign is all about sharing safety alerts, incidents and best practice, so the whole industry can stay safe not just the big companies. The rest of the opening address informed us, what the rest of the day was going to be about, we had to choose to attend two different workshops.

My first workshop was Behaviour Change. The theme was “Just Culture”. I really enjoyed this workshop, we started with SKATE;

Skills                         Picture1





This is fine but we have a transit work force, how can we monitor or control the behaviour of the operatives? A visible leadership, upper management carrying out site visits, holding front line forums with the operatives working on the carriageway. Everything our safety campaign is all about. A voice for the operatives.

My second workshop was “Improving Traffic Management through Collaboration” again something our campaign is trying to achieve. This workshop was hosted by Colas Ltd. This workshop was the one of the best I have attended, It wasn’t about Colas Ltd, It was about us the candidates, answering three questions and the diversity of answers were very different but really they were the same. We watched a shocking video of an IPV strike, that really hit home. I would like to thank Dennis Gregg, Robert Cummings and Dr Ryan Wood for a great workshop. I am really impressed with Colas Ltd’s attitude and determination to Road Worker Safety.

My biggest disappointment of the day was the lack of attendees from companies who work on the carriageways and local authorities. Here’s hoping for a better turn out next year.

Stay Safe



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Stop/Go (Is it safe)?

$(KGrHqZHJDgE-VFvJF3yBPs38S(Img~~60_35At the end of 2013 there were 35.0 million vehicles licensed for     use on the roads in Great Britain, of which 29.1 million were cars.

The total number of licensed vehicles has increased in every year since the end of the Second World War except 1991.

Between 1996 and 2007, the annual growth in licensed vehicles averaged 2.5 per cent a year, although from the mid-2000s it had already begun to slow somewhat. Following the recession of 2008-9 it slowed further, but did not stop, averaging 0.3 per cent a year between 2008 and 2011.

Between 2012 and 2013 the total vehicle stock increased by 1.5 per cent, the first substantial year-on-year increase since 2007.

So in 1991 there was a recession in vehicles on the road, also in 1991 the traffic count for Stop/Go operation was ;
Maximum two-way traffic flow
Coned area length (metres)       Vehicles per 3 minutes
Up to 100                                                     70
Up to 200                                                     63
Up to 300                                                     53
Up to 400                                                    47
Up to 500                                                     42

Yes it looks the same as it is in the new Safety at Street Works and Road Works 2014 October. That’s because it is

Coned area length (metres)       Vehicles per 3 minutes
Up to 100                                                     70
Up to 200                                                     63
Up to 300                                                     53
Up to 400                                                    47
Up to 500                                                     42

The question is, how many operatives carry out traffic counts for stop/go operation. Or is it just a case to get it installed because they are under pressure from their company or the client who waiting to carry out the works.

With this big increase in vehicles on the carriageway how can stop go be safe. If the traffic counts were recorded how many sites would be installed? How many operatives carry out traffic counts for Stop/Go

With the local authorities demanding more and more Stop/Go surely that’s going to lead to more operatives facing more, abuse and threats of violence.


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The First Month

Little did I know what sort of response I would receive regarding your safety campaign, Help Me Get Home.
I started a Facebook group which received a mixed response, might be due to other traffic management groups. The next step was opening a twitter account, which is dying a slow death. Next was a LinkedIn group which is taking off.

I was disappointed by Facebook as the safety campaign is for the operatives working on the carriageway. Feedback has been poor and not one mention of a safety issue, perhaps we have the safest operative on the carriageway in the world.

Car Sticker

I had to think of another approach on how to get the campaign noticed and to gain more exposure.
So I made a basic website; Next I had some car stickers made to replace the tax disc, but you can place them in any car window. Other things made are 1050 x 750 fixed frame signs and some 300 mm x 300 mm signs for training centre or office safety notice boards.
What I needed was for someone to help me get this out into the world of temporary traffic management. Someone who is as passionate about TM safety as me. I paid a visit to Birmingham, Up to Speed Training and Assessment Centre. Adrian had shown an interest in the safety campaign and thought it was a good idea to get safety from the carriageway operatives after all there are the ones in the front line.
So Adrian has agreed to help run the safety campaign and we are delighted he has joined us. So the admin team are as follows, Gary Knight, Rob Tyson and Adrian Pulham.
Now we can work as a team and deliver your safety campaign.
Remember Help Me Get Home will only work with your input.

If you require a car sticker or have any safety concerns email; 

Stay Safe


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