About Me

I have been involved in temporary traffic management for about ten years. I now work at Capital Traffic Ltd as the QEST manager. Before that I worked at Mervyn Lambert Plant Ltd as their Training Manager and I’m an EQA for Lantra Awards, I am very passionate about temporary traffic management and the safety side of it.
My first roll in TM was at TREK highways services.
I started at TREK in 2007 as a HGV driver on the Ringways contract in North West London. It was night work, but boy did we have some fun. The work was hard and the hours were long.
For some reason the owner Stewart Halsey saw something in me and moved me into the yard as a asset manager. Mean while the training centre was still on hold by Lantra Awards, Stewart then moved me into the training centre to become the training centre manager. Stewart then introduced me to Darren Tigue who later became my inspiration. I had to learn Traffic Management fast. The first thing was to gain my A1 award to become an assessor. Then it happened, I met Joe Biggin, Joe had a reputation of being a hard task master. I completed my portfolio and gained my assessor’s qualification.
So on a cold night in March I met Joe on the M 11 to be observed assessing Lewis Joy. The first thing Joe asked was to see my TM cards, I ain’t got any I said then Joe said how can you assess something when you don’t know anything about what your assessing, so 10 o’clock at night Joe rang Sally Green the head at Lantra Awards.
Sally confirmed that If I showed a good knowledge and understanding of TM and the principles of being an assessor, and Joe could sign me off.
The assessment went ahead and Joe was asking me some serious knowledge questions. At the end of the assessment Joe gave me some feed back boy I was so nervous I could have peed my pants. Stewart rang and asked how I got on and I thought I had failed.
The next two days seemed to take forever but I passed and now I was an assessor.
This is where I really found my passion for the safety of Traffic Management operatives.

My first attempt at a safety campaign was C.O.N.E. Cutting Out Needless Exposure and the birth of Cone-man. CONE had seven modules for different levels of operatives. 

Stan Moore then took it to the next level.
I went on to become an instructor and good friends with Joe Biggin. I met, some good people at TREK and it was very good place to start my TM career.

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