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You Want Sum

Oi, you want some wanker. Get a real job you fucking loser. We hear this everyday while we carryout out our job to support our love ones, and every day we have to take shit. But who cares, no one and that’s the honest truth, or is it?

We had an operative hit by a vehicle who had jump a red signal, she got out and started abusing the operative because he was standing in the carriageway and it was he’s fault. She even rang 999 to complain. She drove off the police appeared and with two witnesses, who saw everything the police didn’t want to know.thGZF05A3M





A few months back an operative had acid thrown in his face, as I’m writing this blog another operative is in hospital having pins placed in his arm. Who cares?

I read an Article, about road rage at road works which was dated 13 August 2007.

It said

“Eighty per cent of road workers have been verbally or physically abused by motorists, according to a survey for National Motorway Month released by the RAC Foundation today.

Forty per cent of workers are abused on either a daily or weekly basis. In the survey, almost 80% of ‘near misses’ recorded at roadworks in the last 12 months were due to poor driver behaviour”. That’s five years ago and still, we are having to put up with violence and abuse at work on a daily basis.

Many people think of violence at work to solely consist of physical attacks on a member of the workforce by a member of the public.

However, in the context of health and safety issues within the workplace, the term ‘violence at work’ has been broadened to encompass any kind of abusive or aggressive behaviour that might contribute in inflicting Physical or Psychological Harm to the victim.

Stay safe



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