Who Care’s

Help Me Get Home (your safety campaign) is coming up to its first anniversary. What has it achieved?

cropped-ff69f-logo2b1.jpgWell apart from me spending a lot of my time promoting your safety campaign and investing over £2000 of my own money, NOTHING.

When I started the campaign, everyone wanted to be a part of it, people were saying great idea, just what the industry needs. A one stop safety shop where we could all share best practices and keep more people safe throughout the industry.

So I started the campaign, got a website, got a blog started and brought some merchandise, Mug, Pens, Car Stickers, wrist bands and some business cards with all the campaign details. The first few months were very good, people signing up to the Facebook group, reading the LinkedIn post and following the campaign on Twitter.

I went to trade shows, safety summits for the safety of Road Workers promoting your safety campaign. WHY?

Because no one cares about the safety of road workers. Not even the people who work on the carriageways, the people I met at the trade shows, the managers of big companies who showed willing but haven’t bothered.

We all go on Facebook, all I see is operative’s slagging off other operatives, taking photos of poor TM, taking videos of poor TM. What’s worse using a phone while driving to take the photo or video, or knowing its wrong and not informing the TM Company that’s it’s not quite right. What was the old slogan?HMGH-box-ad

“Don’t Walk By”

Two weeks ago, I emailed 192 people about getting involved with Help Me Get Home, all the people are in the industry, some are Directors at large companies, who could make a difference and get the company to support the campaign, and all I got was one reply saying, I’m already in mate. Really, in what? I have had no response about safety, no safety alerts and no ideas, so what are you in.

 So to all you people who say they care about safety on the carriageway, take a good look at yourself, do you really care?

So let’s take a look. I know several people who work at major players with in our industry, who all said they would help, well I’m still waiting for the help.

At this point I would like to thank Mr Steve Bennett who owns TLS Ltd, for he is the only person who has put his money where his mouth is. He made a very generous donation to Highways Industry.Com, so they could publish four articles about the campaign, Thanks Steve.

So I am looking for someone or a company to help me push the campaign to the next level. Because I actually believe in your safety so you can get home to your love ones.




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5 responses to “Who Care’s

  1. Bobbie

    Because no really cares now, safety gone mad we can’t even cross the road!
    And has for big thanks to Steve Bennett! Really double shifting all his lads, well interested in safety haha


    • Anyone who works with TLS at present will know that we took a stance on double shifts along time ago. We can confidently say that there is no double shift culture in the business today and will never be in the future. We are about to launch our cloud based system that totally blocks the ability to double any of our contractors and leaves us transparent to all our clients. TLS is now working to reduce all double shifts across the industry. We are constantly looking to increase safety in the work place and as Gary has rightly said, positive action gives positive results. If you wish to discuss our safety procedures further please do not hesitate to call the office and our compliance manager will more than happy to help.


      • I have known Steve many years now even when he was a bit rough around the edges trying to get a start in the labour supply industry. Yes in the early days Steve would break a law or two, but to day, NO.
        I have watched Steve slowly change his ways, that’s why TLS Ltd are getting bigger and bigger and more popular with the bigger players within TM.
        I agree TLS Ltd no longer carry out double shifts.


  2. Captain Bob

    Just goes to prove industry in general is no better off than it was 20 years ago. Ok, technology might have improved but it’s the same old with safety, companies want to make minimal investment to protect themselves.


  3. simon

    comes as no surprise that when safety starts to cost money almost no company wants to know. same old story gazz


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