Road Expo 2015


Every November I travel to Edinburgh, Scotland. This year was no different I was on Acklea Ltd stand showing of the Scorpion crash cushion. We all met at the usual hotel in Edinburgh on the night before the show for a catch up. Acklea Ltd very kindly allowed my to use there stand to promote our safety campaign “Help Me Get Home”. So I arrived about 09:00 and got a few of the promotional hand outs ready for the start of the show. Usual type of things pen, car stickers and wrist bands. Only forgot about the mugs in the boot of my car.

At 09:30 the show doors opened, with all the usual suspects were in attendance, ABG Ltd, Acklea Ltd, Alba Traffic Management, A-Plant Lux , BCS Group Plc. Border Barrier Systems, Clearview Traffic Group Ltd, Coneworx Ltd, Highway Care Ltd, Road Safety Markings Association, Safety Vehicles Hire & Lease Ltd, Solar Signs UK Ltd, SRL Traffic Systems Ltd, The Rich Works, Transport Scotland and Westcotec Ltd, just to name a few.SMP Derek Mackay

One of the first visitors to the stand was Derek Mackay Minster for Transport for Scotland and the Isles.

I explained about our mission for the campaign. “Our mission is a one-stop safety shop for all carriageway workers. Sharing all safety information across the industry will have a better influence than just keeping it to your company or your supply chain. After all, everyone has the right to get home after their shift on the carriageway”.

By the end of the day I had secured a definite fee to advertise on the website and three other companies willing to pay for advertising on the website. Overall a very good day the more and more people know about your campaign “Help Me Get Home”

Remember it will only work if you get involved, so tell your employers about the campaign and it would be good to share safety information.

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