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Road Workers Safety Summit 2015


On Wednesday 21st October I travelled to the NEC in Birmingham. I didn’t know what to expect as this was the first summit. I arrived at 09:00 for a coffee and a bit of networking. I saw a few friendly faces which help breaks the ice at these sort of meetings.

The opening address, was meant to be by the transport minster, but unfortunately he couldn’t make it through having a busy diary, I thought nice to feel wanted another let down for road workers. The opening address, started about the changes in CDM 2015, Its all about openness and what was described as the three C’s.




Wow, I thought that’s exactly what’s our campaign is all about sharing safety alerts, incidents and best practice, so the whole industry can stay safe not just the big companies. The rest of the opening address informed us, what the rest of the day was going to be about, we had to choose to attend two different workshops.

My first workshop was Behaviour Change. The theme was “Just Culture”. I really enjoyed this workshop, we started with SKATE;

Skills                         Picture1





This is fine but we have a transit work force, how can we monitor or control the behaviour of the operatives? A visible leadership, upper management carrying out site visits, holding front line forums with the operatives working on the carriageway. Everything our safety campaign is all about. A voice for the operatives.

My second workshop was “Improving Traffic Management through Collaboration” again something our campaign is trying to achieve. This workshop was hosted by Colas Ltd. This workshop was the one of the best I have attended, It wasn’t about Colas Ltd, It was about us the candidates, answering three questions and the diversity of answers were very different but really they were the same. We watched a shocking video of an IPV strike, that really hit home. I would like to thank Dennis Gregg, Robert Cummings and Dr Ryan Wood for a great workshop. I am really impressed with Colas Ltd’s attitude and determination to Road Worker Safety.

My biggest disappointment of the day was the lack of attendees from companies who work on the carriageways and local authorities. Here’s hoping for a better turn out next year.

Stay Safe



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